Together with the technological developments in today’s globalized world, our daily lives are rapidly changing. Developments in every sector are deeply affecting and influencing every aspect of trade, industry, education and finance. Especially, the internet has given us an opportunity to reach our knowledge, changes, innovations more quickly. We can now follow developments everywhere in the world, and according to these developments, we can shape our work, our education, our future. In particular, developments and changes in the business world and finance over the past decade have been more influential than any other sector due to the impact of globalization. Payment systems, investment tools, shopping systems are completely changing. The basic reasons behind these changes are technology and the internet. Besides, the new generation of block-chain technology has begun to affect the business world, the banking industry and the investment world. Especially with the recognition of crypto money, its being seen as an investment instrument, its use in our purchases, and even the states making crypto money during conducting their state businesses. This has increased the awareness of more people regarding use of crypto money. However, still few people in the world are able to use crypto money, and many people also have a problem of trust. The new approach, named Utrum, has set out to be a solution to all existing problems.

Utrum is a platform that will connect crypto money investors, business agents, developers and crypto money analysts. They will also be able to win prizes by contributing to the intuitive artificial intelligence engine with their benchmarking, rating, market forecasts and detailed analysis. Thanks to this formation between cryptographers, algorithms and artificial intelligence, Utrum will be seen as a reliable source of information and analysis within the crypto community.

In fact, there are many problems that cause Utrum to be initiated. For example, in terms of investors; it is always a question whether the technology is sustainable, whether the ICO is real or spam, whether project developers are trustworthy, how reliable professional advice and information can be achieved, how to communicate with other investors or like-minded people. For the first time they will use or invest in crypto money; what is the meaning of technical words such as where to start, block chain, not centralized, crypto money, how people get 10X or 100X turns in crypto, how to get quality information from thousands of ICOs and crypto currency marks. For crypto developers, the challenge is how to provide visibility in a rapidly growing market, how innovative products and technology protect their presence in noise and commotion, and that crypto forums are not ideal platforms for new projects. Finally, for crypto analysts, the lack of incentives to analyze or investigate projects, the lack of a precise metric to generate reports and feedback, and the lack of built-in confidence to share a defined community or findings.

Utrum has created some key components to solve this problem, to establish a safe and powerful system. These;

  • A database has been prepared regarding team, product, news, service and market details to cover the whole crypto world.
  • Users are able to ask experts questions and receive professional advice.
  • Background checks of ICO and Crypto developers will be conducted by research analysts. The project will provide information on social media platforms, team members including the search engine, against the possibility of spam.
  • Comments and ratings will be done for crypto services, crypto services, tokens, and other ICO services.
  • A marketplace will be established to receive or sell cryptographic services.
  • The “Trust Factor” with the Machine Learning Reputation system will be commissioned to avoid false applications.
  • Training will be organized by experts on technical information, market research and crypto analysis.
  • A data bank covering cryptographic articles and videos will be created.
  • Contributors and members will be rewarded with $ OOT tokens for reviews and grading. Analysts will be able to earn tokens for in-depth technology and market analysis.
  • Artificial intelligence supported information will be available.
  • A network environment will be created for those who are interested in the crypto market.

All these proposals will make a great contribution to the process of gaining the trust of the customers. Because success will come along with a platform that has the understanding that trust comes first. All the promotion and campaign activities of the Utrum platform here are done by a very corporate company called Bountyhive. Organized by a very professional team, these activities are the best indication that this approach will be a very successful campaign and ICO period.

Token Distribution and Sales

Utrum is a combination of a unique crypto and traditional business model. It is also a revolutionary approach that will share platform revenues with the user community.

Road Map

The Team











Bountyhive Username: roadsafety
My referral: https://bountyhive.io/r/roadsafety
My Ambassador Link: https://bountyhive.io/join/Utrum?from=roadsafety

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  1. Nice project. I have been reading and searching this project since last week. Great future waiting this project. I am going to invest soon.

  2. bu sektörü blokchain üzerine taşıyan bir proje. Bir gün mutlaka birileri bu veya benzeri bir projeyi yapardı. Ben burada proje ekibini kutluyorum. Kapsamlı ve uygulanabilirliği yüksek bir fikri projeye dönüştürmüş olmaları büyük bir başarı.

  3. Mükemmel bir fikrin böyle bir projeye dönüşmesi harika olmuş. Gelecek vaat ediyor ve çok karlı bir yatırım diyebilirim. Yazı da çok açıklayıcı olmuş. Tebrikler takıma ve yazara..

  4. Thank you very much for your this good job. Very informative work and this project has a brillant future..

  5. Its amazing project. Thank you very much and congrats to the team and author..you can invest if u want to get high profit..

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